High School Science Course Information:

We are pleased to continue offering our Senior High School students five choices of science classes. All upper level science classes at The Bridge include labs, which fulfill High School credits.

*Because college requirements are constantly changing and colleges differ in their entrance requirements, please check with your umbrella school counselors as to what classes will fulfill college credit requirements.

Four of our classes utilize the Apologia Science Exploring Creation series: Physical Science, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, and Physics. Biology will use the Abeka text Biology: God’s Living Creation.

*NOTE: The Chemistry text will be updated for the 2016-17 year. It has the same author (Dr. Jay Wile) as the Apologia book – just a different publisher.

Apologia Science provides fun and challenging creation-based science texts specifically designed for students in home study programs. Written by a former university professor and home-school parent, Jay Wile, these courses provide college-preparatory science in a way that is both clear and challenging. These texts are readable, easy to understand, and full of engaging experiments. The goal of The Bridge and Apologia Ministries” is to give the home-schooled student a scientific education that will help him or her make a reasoned defense of the Christian Faith.

Why do we use an Abeka text for Biology when we use Apologia for the other High School science courses?     

Simply put, we have found this text meets our requirements for a complete, excellent one-year Biology course better than the Apologia text for Biology. It is clear, beautifully illustrated, and straightforward in its approach. Unfortunately,  Apologia Biology does not include the human body in their high school text book. The study of the human body is vitally important in studying Biology at the high school level and is required to earn a credit. (Studying the human body in the earlier grades lays a great foundation for high school but does not fulfill the credit.) The Abeka Biology text is an excellent text, and paired with a former secondary education Biology tutor who knows what to emphasize and how to add engaging labs, we have been exceptionally pleased with the results since we switched over.

For many years when we used the Apologia Biology text, we had to add another text on the human body and extra handouts to supplement in order to fulfill the requirement. That meant an extra purchase for a supplemental text and extra fees to students. It also required that the tutor leave out several modules in the Apologia text to give enough time and attention to the human body. This was tricky. Apologia assumes every student will take a full year of Human Anatomy and Physiology as one of the required High School Science courses and, thus, fulfill the requirement for human anatomy in high school. Yet, students have a choice of science courses and may not choose A & P.