We use Teaching Textbooks for our math program.

Because each child is different and each math program has strengths and weaknesses, there is no “perfect” math program. What works for one child may not be the best choice for another child. The job is to find what will work well for your child.

Teaching Textbooks does a good job of laying a solid foundation. Each level of Teaching Textbooks also comes with CDs, which makes the curriculum very user-friendly at home between classes.

In class our tutors customize each class by adding extra practice problems, reviewing proper math terminology, and building in specific ACT review.

The newer versions of Teaching Textbooks high school math textbooks also include an appendix with reviews of concepts studied for that school year. These appendices are valuable tools in preparing for the ACT.  Because the ACT covers math concepts that are taught in 7th to 12th grades, it is prudent that students review all levels but especially lower levels of math before taking the test.