Writing and Grammar

Writing Course Information

Let’s face it. Teaching writing to our children is daunting to many of us, yet we know that learning to write is vital to our children’s education and beyond.

Each of our writing classes present a core curriculum of structural models and stylistic techniques designed to give students concrete tools to help them meet academic and practical writing needs—training them to become confident and competent in various modes of written and oral communication.

We offer two classes for Elementary students to give them a gentle, yet firm foundation upon which to build more advanced writing concepts and techniques.

*NEW* Writing Prerequisites Class for 5th and 6th graders

One of the strengths of the IEW curriculum is the application of grammar in the context of writing. However, students are expected to know the basic parts of speech and basic punctuation prior to taking one of our writing classes. This basic knowledge frees the student to concentrate on structure and style without having to learn grammar for the first time.

Because of this important foundation, we have added a new first class for students in grades 5-6 that will meet this need. This Prerequisites class will use the entire first semester to simply concentrate on the basic parts of speech and sentence structures. Without this firm grasp of grammar concepts, writing becomes an overwhelming chore instead of a “game” of putting together puzzle pieces. Along with a one semester grammar/punctuation concentration, the class will follow up with selected IEW paragraph structures during the second semester in fun and engaging ways to gently ease the student into writing. (See the class description.)

Writing Foundations (for 6th graders primarily)

This class lays a great early foundation in the IEW methods and concepts. It expects students to already know basic parts of speech and punctuation.

We offer several levels of writing instruction at The Bridge. Please see “Student Placement and Parent Information” for more detailed information on the classes and correct placement.