Study Hall

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Laquitta Hodges

Study Hall Instructor
I am a homeschool mom of three with twelve years of homeschooling experience. I enjoy taking care of the Break Room and monitoring your children in Study Hall.

Class Description

Study Hall is available to students who have a break between a morning and afternoon class or to students with a sibling who has a class at a different hour.

  • Designed to keep parents from having to drive back and forth to The Bridge during the day.
  • Available during these time periods: 9:30-11:00, 11:30-1:00, or 1:30-3:00.

Grade Level

Grades 5-12

Course Prerequisites


Textbook & Other Materials

This is a great time to work on school work. Students must bring something to work on during Study Hall.



100.00   (per class period) paid in 2 or 4 post-dated payments; due at registration; non-refundable after May 31.

Drop-ins are 5 dollars per class period. *Please let Laquitta know your student will attend Study Hall prior to sending him/her. Payment is due that day.


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