Humanities Course Information

We believe that the Bible is the literal word of God and every word is true. We also believe the Bible to be FOUNDATIONAL HISTORY and God’s revelation to man of HIStory. Studying history through the lens of God’s redemptive plan for man (and us individually) breathes life into an otherwise “dull narrative with no apparent relationship to us today.”

We are pleased to offer students in Grades 5-9 a comprehensive and chronological study of history (from a western perspective) cycling through four major time periods from Creation through Ancient civilizations . . . to the Early Church and Middle Ages     . . . the Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations . . . all the way to today’s modern world.

We have chosen the acclaimed world history series The Mystery of History™ by Linda Hobar as the spine text for our Humanities courses. Each volume not only introduces the people, places, and events of history, but how God has revealed himself to man throughout history. Mrs. Hobar says of her series, “I wrote this curriculum with the hope of inspiring generations to know God and make Him known. One way to do that is through the fascinating study of world history. World history to me is not just dates, events, and revolutions – it’s the story of God revealing Himself to mankind.”

Each course contains much more than chronological history as fabulous as that is in itself. We combine all the elements you would expect from a great Humanities course: biblical worldview, lively text, great literature, geography, and timelines, along with our own study of the artists and composers of the time period. Check out the options below. We will rotate the courses and offer two per year.



Humanities I – Grades 5 and 6 (Offered in 2016-2017)

Creation to the Resurrection, Volume 1, Second Edition: The Mystery of History Series - By: Linda Lacour Hobar

The Mystery of History, Volume I –Creation to the Resurrection (Creation – AD 29)

While studying the Ancient world—Creation to the Resurrection— we introduce the foundational principles of history as revealed in Scripture that pave the way to understanding the redemptive history of God and His plan for man. The most exciting part of this study “is the weaving of Bible history with world history.”

Humanities II – Grades 5 and 6  (Offered 2017-2018)

The Mystery Of History, Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages - By: Linda Lacour Hobar

The Mystery of History, Volume II –The Early Church and the Middle Ages (AD 30 – 1456)

The study of the Middle Ages—The Early Church and the Middle Ages—picks up where Humanities I left off – with the resurrection of Christ leading us right into the Early Church, the fall of Rome, the Dark Ages, the Vikings, and of course, the kings and queens of the Middle Ages.