Course Information:

We have had great success with the broad foundation our Middle School Science program lays for students. We know that building a good science foundation in a gentle, yet thorough, pace at this age is important for the more rigorous upper level science classes we offer at The Bridge.  We have found that the two Abeka texts for the Middle School classes have accomplished the desired results for students after trying several other texts over the years. Our Intermediate Science tutor engages the students and makes learning science fun!

Please note that the Middle School Science classes can be taken in any order, depending on what works best in the student’s schedule.¬†With only 12-13 chapters in each text, students have time to progress at a slower pace and absorb the concepts. They are reinforced with in-class review, short lectures, and exciting labs to illustrate concepts learned. Our active learning techniques instruct students in experimental and analytical skills while providing them with various modes to obtain information, grasp concepts, and demonstrate what they have learned.

In Intermediate Science I, students are introduced to the scientific method and encouraged to apply it throughout this life science text. They investigate fields such as botany, anatomy, zoology, microbiology, and ecology with the goal of discovering the thoughts of the Creator through the ingenious structure and orderly function of His creation.

In Intermediate Science II, students will use the scientific method to investigate geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and environmental science with the goal of discovering the ingenious structure and orderly function of God’s creation.

Together, these two texts lay a broad foundation upon which to build in the upper level sciences.