B. Middle School Classes

Middle School Classes {Grades 7-8}

Our expanded Middle School courses are designed to build upon the foundation of our Elementary courses and further equip students with the necessary organizational and thinking skills needed to continue studies in core subjects: Science, Language Arts, History/Humanities, and Math. We have also added a fabulous Latin class for Middle School students to give them a foundation to study upper level languages. And Art is available at all grades to give students a creative outlet elective.

Students will become adept at note taking and following daily lesson plans, which will prepare them for the more rigorous study and independence needed for our High School courses.

*A few qualified students may participate in upper level Algebra I and Physical Science classes to get a “head start” on High School credits. If a student is planning to play a sport in the NCAA, however, please check with your umbrella school for restrictions in 8th grade credits.