C. High School Classes

High School Classes {Grades 9-12}

Completion of The Bridge High School level courses meet or exceed College entrance requirements in the following academic disciplines: English Composition and Literature, Science, Mathematics, Foreign Language, and several Electives. Our High School courses are designed to thoroughly prepare students for whatever God calls them to do in the future.  Learning goals include academic excellence through mastery of subject content and the ability to see all subjects through the lens of a Christian worldview by way of an exciting learning environment that fosters biblical and logical thinking skills.  Accountability and evaluations are crucial parts of the learning process for our upper- level students.  Our High School “college preparatory” courses are either a full year or a semester and qualify as 1 and .5 credits respectively for High School requirements in their subject area.  Because college requirements are constantly changing and colleges differ in their entrance requirements, please check with your umbrella school counselors as to what classes will fulfill college credit requirements.